New Refrigerant Lines


    Condensing Unit

    Package Unit

    Remove and dispose of existing equipment

    Install New

    Heat Pump

    Air Conditioner

    Insulate first 10" of expansion drain

    All Labor

    New Filter

    Respect Clients home and time

    Water overflow protection

    Charge per manufactures specs

    Protect floor in work area

    Verify temperature drop

    First year check-up

    Equipment size guarantee

    No warranty on clogged drain

    Installer precaution to protect home

    Satisfaction guarateed

    Installer comply with existing codes

    1 year warranty on labor

    10 year warranty on parts

    10 year warranty on compressor

    Fasten unit per code

    Sales Tax included

    Required permit included

    Seal plenum's

    Clean work area

    Vacuum refrigerant lines

    Clean Drain Lines

    Dispose all trash

    Remove an dispose of inside existing equipment

    Install new

    Variable speed handler

    Standard air handler

    home filtertion system

    UV Light

    Disconnect Box

    New Braker

    Install new metal stand

    Whole house Dehumidifier

    Remove drywall stand

    Install new drain line

    New emergency drain pan

    Install new condensate pan

    Digital thermostat

    Outdoor temp sensor or thermostat

    Programmable thermostat

    touchscreen thermostat

    Xone controls

    Remove existing ducts

    Install new duct

    Reuse existing boots

    Replace grills

    Add outlets

    Clean existing ducts


    Duct Returns

    License #CAC1816033